Our Company

As we are well aware of the rising expectations of the customers in service industries, at MK living we aim to perform even better than the expectations set for us. We believe in becoming trend setters in customer care.

We set goals to facilitate our clients in a therapeutic environment where they can thrive as individuals and recover at ease in a safe and protected surrounding.

Philosophy of Care

We value each person as an individual, and as part of a team, deliver the highest level of service user care which respects individuality, privacy, dignity in a safe homely setting.
We strive to enable people to shape their own futures according to their abilities, interests and aptitudes in order to maximise their independence, to accept personal responsibility, and to respect others, whatever their level of ability might be.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help and support individuals accomplish their goals and ambitions by providing them with an adequate setup to deal with all challenges that hinder their progression. Our customised support packages defers from ‘individual to individual’ taking special care of the needs each of them has. We promote development of vocational, educational and social skills which make these individuals confident enough to deal with future situations independently.

Our Approach

Our priority at MK Living is to provide quality care and support to all the ones who deserve. We continuously make attempts to ensure the individuals we support live their lives according to their own will – makes them feel content, worthy and happy.

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