Domiciliary care

This service delivers personal care on an individual basis for the people residing in their own houses. The services used by people vary greatly according to their needs, but our care packages are tailored to meet different circumstances.

Care provider visits at different hours during the day. In some cases, care is provided round the clock.

  • A day starts with a simple “good morning” greeting. Later, helping you wake up, freshen up, bathe or shower, change clothes and have breakfast.
  • Reminding or assisting to take your medication on time.
  • Collecting or returning the required medication from your dispensing GP surgery or pharmacy.
  • Helping you cook, making meals for you and assisting while you eat.
  • Accompanying you as you collect your pension or simply collect it for you.
  • Helping you create a list for shopping or shop with you.
  • Visiting the shops and put all the things back after shopping.
  • Keep your residence neat and organised. Also, help you wash your clothes and iron them.
  • Accompany you at social gatherings or affairs such as visiting friends or family, going to club or church for prayers, attending a day care centre or even for a walk.
  • A little bit of pampering is always provided by MK Living whenever it is required.
  • Preparing you and helping you get ready for bed.

Live in care:

When it comes to reliability and cost effectiveness, you can always count on MK Living 24 hours live in service.

The sole purpose of our company is to provide care and support, your loved ones deserve. That too in their own comfort zones – their own houses where the feel secure.

A carer can be made fit to the needs and wants of your beloved ones, who would be at their service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live in carers are chosen very cautiously by MK Living. They are equipped to meet the needs of your loved ones and at the same time they should help preserve and encourage their independence. Whatever it may be, MK Living will always be at your service.

For further information and services offered, please contact our team today.

Whether you require companionship or help around the house; specialised care for serious conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or recovering from a serious surgery – MK Living is always there to cater all your needs and requirements as this is our forte.

Community Services: 

This service deals with providing staff to take care of a person’s health in particular. Nurses or other health professionals are made available for people who need support in their houses, community settings or rehabilitation centres. The carer can be present to take care of short-term, long term or permanent health issues. These services facilitate people to thrive independently in a community.

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