MK Living supports individuals by adapting a person centred approach and through person centred planning, we facilitate them to work on the goals they set for themselves. We customise our operations according to the requirements and demands of our clients, no matter how challenging their needs are. Each one of our client is different and significant for us. Therefore, our solutions and plans are made with a clear understanding of their respective requirements – making them fit for each client, helping accomplish their goals.

Spending quality time, listening and understanding an individual is extremely essential for us. This way we recognise their priorities, requirements and the type of life they would like to live. Then we analyse these individuals separately and around their family. At this stage, we also involve other support professionals who facilitate in creating an appropriate person centred plan – clearly indicating the goals set and what tasks would be required as a team to achieve them.

This person centred plan can be updated on a regular basis – especially, when there’s a change in our client’s requirements, demands or goals. It is also checked by each member involved in the process so there’s constant, quality support for the individual.

What’s in a person centred plan?

Person centred planning promotes and supports every individual at MK living to live the way they desire to. How a person wants to spend time in the present or in the future is all clearly stated in a person centred plan. If an individual has trouble communicating verbally or even through writing, it’s not a problem for us as. We use multiple communication tools which help us create all our plans wisely as per our client’s desires.

A person centred plan sets out:

  • Anything that holds importance to an individual
  • Their aims and goals
  • The place they would want to live
  • What knowledge they want to gain
  • The type of support required and how it will be utilised
  • The ways to help them lead a healthy life
  • What they enjoy doing when they are idle

We’re always working to improve the person centred planning process so that it’s easier, quicker and more effective for everyone. Our senior management team, service managers, support workers and supported individuals regularly work together to share ideas on things we can change for the better.

At MK Living, we are constantly improving our services and processes which make the person centred plan. This way it works faster, proves to be more beneficial and is simpler too. To bring positive changes and increase efficiency of the entire process, our senior management, service managers, support workers and facilitated individuals continuously work hand in hand.

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